Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rainbow Cake Fail

I had this great idea to make a cake for Easter.  Then I had a better idea of baking it in 6 layers with each layer being a different color.

I bought 6 disposable tin foil pan things, a cake mix, and two things of cream cheese frosting.

I mixed up the cake batter, and poured it into six different bowls.

I used food coloring to make the cake batter in each bowl a different color.

Then I baked two cakes at a time.

I was getting more excited when each came out of the oven.

So colorful!

When they were all cooled, I began frosting.

Being an idiot, I started frosting the orange one.

Then I realized I should be frosting the red one, so I switched to the red one.

Then I put the orange one, frosting side DOWN on the red one.  Dumb!  Now the frosting was double thick between those two pieces, and it was stuck together so I couldn't get the orange one off to flip it over.  Also, I laid it on the red one crooked so the whole cake was lop sided.  "I'll just trim it up after I stack and frost each one," I thought.  Then I realized I was even dumber, because I should have started with the purple one, so it would be on the bottom, so when I was done, red would be on top.  Too picky?  Perhaps.

I kept layering and frosting.

Then I trimmed it up.  And that's where the cake became retarded.  The cake just crumbled.  So then I tried frosting over the crumble.  But I don't have enough frosting to make it look OK.

So here it is, Rainbow Cake Fail: